Tour Details

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sc20130202 145905

Wedged between Venezuela to the east, Brazil to the south, and the Caribbean to the north, Colombia is the only country in South America whose sugared beaches are lapped by both the Atlantic and Pacific. Straddling the equator, this lush tropical nation boasts a diversity of fauna and flora so rich as to stagger the mind. With three mighty north-south Andean cordilleras separating the western coastal lowlands from the almost empty eastern jungles, we have a perfect free flight area ripe for exploring.

Taking in 3 completely different flying sites, our tour starts in the city of Cali where we collect you from the airport after taking a short domestic flight over from Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

Each night we stay in beautiful, luxury Fincas. These converted farms have all the amenities we could need after a long days flying. A bar and swimming pool! What more do you need?

Our private A/C bus takes us to launch each morning and retrieves after a long days XC.


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