Another day in the oven…….

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Sunday evening and another day of flying is over. Once again we had a huge breakfast and briefing before the drive to launch, which included another bumped head as Tony was not quick to duck and got clonked by the overhead sign at the farm entrance, but once again neither cranium or sign were damaged! The heat was intense today despite the cirrus cover, it really was like standing in an oven (although none of us have actually done that, but you get my drift!)

It was going to be a day of weak climbs as a layer of cirrus covered the sky, but we set a hopeful task anyway, this time to the south towards Roldanillo. Lee set off first and after a sledge ride almost to the bottom, managed to work a weak thermal and made it to base after some really patient work. As he set off to the next thermal on the far side of the town, Frank, Tony, Andy and I took off and climbed together in a nice core. Unfortunately Frank had a problem with his harness so had to fly down, but the rest of us topped out and pushed on to where lee was now in the next climb. Once away from the mountain the climbs were very weak so after another top up climb, our gaggle headed off toward the low spine back ridge to the south. Unfortunately the ridge was just not working, so after scratching around, Tony and Andy pushed on to the edge of the ridge to land by the road, while I turned out to land with Lee.

Meanwhile, Matt and Nik had taken off and after a climb to base they pushed out, having been told the ridge was not working. They got a couple of reasonable climbs out front to the east of the town but Nik eventually got grounded while Matt found a good thermal and worked his way back towards base. At this point we called him to let him know that if he managed to get back to the launch and top land, we would cancel the rum fine that he was due to pay for forgetting his radio earlier in the day. As you would expect, the challenge was too good to resist and he worked his way back before making a nice top landing thus cancelling his debt!

Back at launch, Mike, Frank, Tony and Andy decided to fly again and with no task set they had a nice cruise about before landing at the bottom field. Tony had a great flight, managing to get to base and staying there for well over an hour before being forced to land by a big rain shower…….nice way to keep your wing clean Tony!

The flyers then had a meal in the town with a bit of dad dancing thrown in before joining the rest of us at the lodge. Once again, not a day of big distances due to the weak conditions but great fun nonetheless. Tomorrow the plan is to fly as far as possible towards Roldanillo then into the new finca for a week at our favourite site…….


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